St.Boswells 2013

Weather bright to start, cool, with high cloud turning to a dark/overcast rain laden covering that thankfully held off for the duration of the match.  Wicket: dry, softish with green top  

 Following a generous lunch at The Buccleuch, the Borderers won the toss and chose to field.  Blake and Wishart opened the bowling with accuracy and a pleasing rhythm, at times pinning the opening pair to their creases. The first change of bowling to McNeill B and Farr offered a mixture of cunning and youthful aggression to keep up the pressure.  The run rate from their combined 30 overs was a respectable 4 per over.  The supporting overs of Godfrey Faussett, Robson and McNeill E yielded a less than flattering 7+ per over, although each picked up a wicket. St Boswell's took their chances, scored steadily and were assisted to 199 for 9 with 30 extras from 40 overs.

 Tea taken, a fortified and determined Borderers opening pair was broken in the 2nd over with Strouts falling LBW for 2, being replaced by the hard hitting Wishart, the 50 partnership was up after 13 overs and confidence was taking hold when Wishart fell to a good catch, driving straight to mid on for a cavalier 23, leaving Farr on 32 with Fraser joining him at the crease.  Another striking partnership ensued with Farr picking up the pace where Wishart had left off, falling disappointingly for a soft catch on 63, (a century was there for the taking). Fraser, who notched up a ragged 35, was soon bowled.  With an equally generous extra's count a total of 145 had been reached with 10 overs in hand and only 4 wickets down.  With the game poised for the taking, under an ever darkening sky, the power of Robson (stumped) and the guile of McNeill E (bowled) were both absent for their innings and the subtlety and finesse of Godfrey Faussett (stumped) and Blake (bowled) were equally missing in action, contributing to a whimpering collapse, 5 wickets for 12 runs from 7 overs leaving the last pair too much to do.  


Wishart: 8 overs, 2 wks, 0 mdns for 21 runs, 

Blake: 8 overs, 0 wks, 2 mdns for 25 runs, 

Farr: 8 overs, 2 wks, 1 mdn for 31 runs.  

A running catch at long on by McNeill E from the bowling of Robson.

McNeill D was recruited as a 12th man following the wretched injury to Watkins and fielded well for his Borderers debut.


Regulation catches at slip and behind the pegs went down in the early overs of the match.

Watkins retiring hurt with torn hamstring while fielding a cover drive (no run was conceded).   


Farr G, Strouts H, Wishart R, Fraser C, McNeill E, McNeill B, Robson R, Godfrey-Faussett C, Blake J, Thomson R,  Watkins R. 12th Man: McNeill D.  WIcket keeping duties were shared between McNeill E & B.