North v South 2016

North vs South 10th July 2016

Weather..indifferent to the needs of the players, rain delayed start and cold with the constant threat of rain.

The North won the toss and decided to field...the North's skipper in a similar mood to the weather, indifferent to the needs of his players.

The North reluctantly fielding, took a flurry of early wickets, all attempts at helping the south build a score failing, even with H Strouts bowling, wickets kept tumbling.  Landale, skippering the South, provided the greatest cause for mirth during the day by recklessly and splendidly running out the golf-shoed Cochran, receiving a caustic tongue lashing for his efforts.  As the dust settled and a few more wickets fell, it was left to Landale and a returning Maxwell-MacDonald to salvage a score, and splendidly managed an 80+ run partnership to frustrate the North and post a defendable, possibly winning score.  40 overs and the South were all out.  

With the rain delay the South's skip may have considered declaring a little earlier to provide his team with a chance to bowl out the North.  He may have been chasing a 50? The fact that the South wanted to leave as soon as possible to watch soccer should be noted and lamented.

Having lunched well and taken tea, the task of fielding looked a trifle arduous for the South, the North worked away with G Farr and H Brooks beginning to move the score along rather well scoring 32 and 25 respectively, Godfrey-Faussett took the game by the scruff and began to edge the North close to a result, but time was against the North and the match edged towards a draw leaving just a little too much to do in the last two overs, the draw being confirmed with only 2 runs in it.

The Innings of The South:

 J Maxwell-MacDonald LBW 0 (HBM)

F Maxwell-MacDonald b 0 (HBM)

C De Weslow b 3 (RT)

C Pearson ct 9 (HS)

P De Weslow b 18 (FGF)

M Renwick ct/b 7 (FGF)

S Cochran ro 7

S Landale ct 46 (JB) 

E Johnson b 5 (JB)

G Brooks b 1 (FGF)

J Maxwell-MacDonald not out 63


H Balfour-Melville 5 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 16

G Farr 6 overs, 2 maidens, 0 for 19

R Thomson 4 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 13

H Strouts 1 over, 0 maidens, 1 for 14

H Brooks 3 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 12

W Thomson 6 overs, 2 maidens, 0 for 14

F Godfrey Faussett 9 overs, 0 maidens, 3 for 36

J Blake 5 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 22

M Brooks 1 over, 0 maidens, 0 for 10

The Innings of The North:

G Farr ct 32 (SL)

W Thomson ct 8 (SL) 

J Farr ct 8 (SL)

H Brooks  b 25 (CDW)

F Godfrey Faussett NOT OUT 46 

H Strouts b 8 (JMM)

M Brooks b 7 (CP)

H Balfour-Melville ro 8 

R Thomson DNB

J Blake DNB


M Renwick 3 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 20

E Johnson 4 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 20

S Landale 4 overs, 0 maidens, 3 for 19

C De Weslow 4 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 24

C Pearson 4 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 30

J Maxwell-MacDonald 2 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 7

G Brooks 1 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 11

F Maxwell-MacDonald 1 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 4

S Cochran 1 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 5