North v South 2015

Toss: North won the toss and directed the South to take to the field.  
Weather: Dry, cloudy and pleasantly warm with extended periods of sunshine as the match progressed.  
Pitch: The wicket was dry and lively in parts, dry outfield.
Captains: Landale & Blake
The South, a little undersubscribed, required 2 players from the oversubscribed North. Messers Farr J and G were, rather generously, some may say recklessly, loaned to the South.  The match commenced at approximately 11.35, with lunch at 13.00, the first challenge for the North: to make it to lunch with 100+ runs and copious wickets in hand ..and as expected this proved a little unrealistic. P Fleming and Fraser made steady progress in the face of some tidy bowling from J Fleming and some scruffy bowling from Landale. Both batsmen comfortable at the crease, Fraser on the back of a few dashing fours, eager to press on, played across and missed a straight one, with the usual consequences, surrendering responsibility to the helmeted Fleming. Sayer now into the fray, and out of the fray, quickly followed by the frequently 'vaping', P Fleming. Caught and LBW respectively from the bowling of the bright prospect Orlando Bridgeman, assisted in the catch by brother Ned. North Borderers, 30 for 3 from 5 overs, lunch still too far to provide any succour. Strouts and W Thomson looked like a pair that could steady the ship, Strouts in particular looking deliberate and dependable, the umpires finger not required for a couple of overs, just a couple though, with Strouts swinging hard at O Bridgeman to give J Farr, behind the stumps, a simple catch.  O Bridgeman with a superb contribution of 11 runs, 3 wickets from 3 overs. Wolfe-Murray strode to the wicket in the 13th over, 4 wickets down with only 43 on the board and no doubt about the task.  The balance of youth and experience, 60 years of additional experience at one end, proved to be decisive, interrupted briefly for lunch after 24 overs with a more respectable total of 91 runs.  
Play resumed after a magnificent Gill Orde lunch. Runs steadily and reliably began to accumulate, scored in all forms with extras ticking over as often as the quick singles.  The partnership broken with Wolfe Murray run-out when both batsmen found themselves at one end, Angus gallantly setting off, the forlorn hope, to the other to be dismissed.  O Farr, with promise, to the wicket and W Thomson accelerating to a steady 50 (6x4's). The bowling of G Farr, N Bridgeman, H Taylor, S Cochran J Ritchie, and M Bridgeman was, although enthusiastic, too erratic to build pressure - often relieving pressure with wides. W Thomson grew in confidence and began punishing the loose balls and accumulated runs quickly, supported by O Farr and Balfour-Melville, both giving their wickets in return for simple catches.  The score nearing 200 and with R Thomson sharing the crease, W Thomson completed a second 50 (1x6, 7x4's), a well deserved and considered century, declaration followed with a target set of 214 to win for the South. The pick of the bowlers being O and N Bridgeman.
Father and son combination of M and N Bridgeman opened the batting for the South, witnessing first hand the spectacle of Miller's first over of the season, a shoulder injury being identified as the cause of the entertainment, 13 from the first and the South were off to a flyer.  Balfour-Melville followed Miller with a wide and no ball for his first two could be over by tea...but then found his line and length, bowling N Bridgeman (no doubt in years to come the roles will be reversed) then quickly took the wicket of Bell, ct W Thomson..the day looking good for the centurion..Balfour Melville continued with two maidens conceding just 11 runs from his 5 overs. M Bridgeman fell to one of Miller's museum pieces...a straight one, the batsman rather fatigued having faced two wides and two no balls before being bowled.  Cochrane, the golf shoed, vocal unofficial vice captain, was joined at the wicket by J Farr, a punchy looking combination, ambitious to take stock, build and see the session through to tea. Blake, first change bowler, always looking like he wants to get to tea, with some very accurate, efficient deliveries, took the wicket of Cochrane with his second delivery.  As the capable batsmen packed the bottom order, the fall of the first 4 wickets before tea didn't worry the South skipper, Taylor and J Farr looking solid at the crease. 
Tea taken with 52 runs on the board, 6 wickets in hand and plenty time. The evening session began with a wicket, J Farr bowled first ball by W Thomson, a pivotal moment, Taylor needing a partner. O Bridgeman and J Fleming only contributing 4 runs between them, facing and falling to some hostile, accurate bowling from O Farr. Saving the best 'til last can work when it works. Ritchie's brief visit to the crease confirmed, when bowled by W Thomson, it wasn't working. The last few wickets fell quickly, Taylor (top scorer for the South, 28) soon trapped LBW by R Thomson followed by G Farr, who looked busy and capable, caught at fly slip by Sayer, again from the bowling of R Thomson.  24 overs and the North had secured a well deserved victory. 
The Stodart Cup being awarded to W Thomson for his excellent innings of 101 not out.
Innings of North Borderers
P Feming lbw O Bridgeman 11
C Fraser b J Fleming 11
J Sayer ct N Bridgeman, O Bridgeman 2
H Strouts ct J Farr, O Bridgeman 7
W Thomson not out 101
A Wolfe Murray ro 13
O Farr ct O Bridgeman, Landale 10
H Balfour-Melville ct Taylor, J Fleming 6
R Thomson not out 12
D Miller
J Blake
Bowling Figures South Borderers
J Flemming 8 overs, 1 mdns, 2-47
S Landale 8 overs, 0 mdns, 1-29
O Bridgeman  4 overs, 0 mdns, 3-18
G Farr 7 overs, 0 mdns, 0-38
N Bridgeman 3 overs, 0 mdns, 0-11
H Taylor 4 overs, 0 mdns, 0-12
S Cochran 3 overs, 0 mdns, 0-12
J Ritchie 4 overs, 0 mdns, 0-10
A Bell 1 overs, 0 mdns, 0-6
M Bridgeman 4 overs, 0 mdns, 0-16
Extras 40
North: 213-7 declared at 15.15 
Innings of South Borderers
N Bridgeman b Balfour-Melville 9
M Bridgeman b Miller 4
A Bell ct W Thomson, Balfour-Melville 4
S Cochran b Blake 2
J Farr b W Thomson 7
H Taylor lbw R Thomson 28
O Bridgeman b O Farr 4
J Flemming b O Farr 0
J Ritchie b W Thomson 4
G Farr ct Sayer, R Thomson 7
S Landale not out 0
Bowling Figures North Borderers
D Miller 3 overs, 0 mdns, 1-23
H Balfour-Melville 5 overs, 2 mdns, 2-11
J Blake 3 overs, 0 mdns, 1-9
R Thomson 3 overs, 1 mdns, 2-8 
O Farr 4 overs, 2 mdns, 2-8 
W Thomson 4 overs, 1 mdn, 2-17
J Sayer  2 overs, 0 mdn, 0-7
Extras 23
South all out 92 from 24 overs