Newmarket Racing XI 2014

Having lost the toss the Borderers were put into bat in a 35:35 game. A beautiful pitch but rather a sticky wicket.

Batting Order:

  1. Rory Colacicchi - a great openers knock for what, 30 minutes. Unfortunately out for a duck.
  2. Bertie Blackwell - talented batsmen, some hard shots and a quickfire 30 odd right across the cartwheel
  3. Tom Spurling - We understand the best batsmen in the Borderers, but cruelly out LBW first ball.
  4. Will Ritchie - entertaining 30 odd - really brought us out of a rut following two successive wickets taken by Simon Mitchell 
  5. Aidan McGinley - steady away, a few runs...
  6. Tom Goodley - critical innings of 83 and partnership of 100+ with Sam Moore. Took us over 200 and a defendable score. 
  7. Sam Moore -  solid 30 and partnership of 100+ with T Goodley. 
  8. James Liddell - unlucky not to have more time and the opportunity to play himself in but got some on the board
  9. Dan O'Kelly - the recipient of some nasty bowling and difficult timing nearing the end
  10. Will Douglass - DNB
  11. Harry Douglass - DNB
  • O'Kelly took 2 wickets and dropped an outside change of a caught and bowled. 
  • Will Ritchie got 1 wicket. 
  • Harry Douglas dropped a caught and bowled. 
  • Will Douglass bowled.
  • Rory C bowled
  • Bertie Blackwell had a complete spell. 
Newmarket Racing reached their target with 2.4 overs to spare.