Manderston 2015

Manderston won the toss and put the Borderers in to bat on a remarkably dry wicket considering the overnight and early morning rain around the region.  The wicket, green with a bit of bounce, made for a difficult start, J Sayer lost middle stump to a late swinging full delivery to end the first over.  Purvis and Strouts negotiated some tidy bowling, finding it hard to time shots sweetly, the ball regularly sticking in the pitch.  However, both managed to find some rhythm, having to run two's and threes that would have likely been boundaries if batting later.  Just as the line-up relaxed in the pavilion, Purvis looked to pull a slow short delivery for four through midwicket, it came on with extra bounce, resulting in a lofted dolly to square leg.  Strouts, regularly having to pause for breath, a chest infection not weight addition, settled with Marshall before capitulating with a simple catch to mid off - the sticky pitch again the culprit.  Marshall, on loan from St Boswells, accelerated the run rate with some heavy hitting, swinging hard to accumulate 59 supported for a 10+ over spell by W Thomson who never really found any fluidity, struggling with the variable pace and bounce, caught behind for 17. The middle order of W Thomson, McLean, Godfrey-Faussett and De Bolle, aged 16 to 14, offer a bright future for Borderers cricket. McLean a crisp striker of the ball, cracked a valuable 29 before top edging a pull shot for an easy catch to short leg.  Godfrey-Faussett continued in style knocking up an excellent 28 not out - well supported by James de Bolle on 7 not out. 

The wicket held up well and dried throughout the innings, providing Manderston a slight advantage, although 193 being a defendable score.

Tea, as ever at Manderston, was a cornucopia of delights, a perfect way to deter any effort in the field for at least 10 overs.  Marshall and Purvis opened the bowling with accurate medium pace, giving the batsmen nothing but difficulty, each taking much deserved early wickets.  Marshall taking an exceptional caught and bowled to send the evermore muscled I Simm back to the pavilion. 10 overs in, 35 for 2 and very much in charge.  Tea related lethargy never really materialised.  20 overs in and 103 for 2, two talented batsmen at the wicket - MacDonald and Culham - both settled and taking their chances well...not quite as in charge. De Bolle, a debutant, often beating both batsmen with movement off the seam, bowled well.  In fact all the bowlers played their part in what could have been a very different result, chances did come at cow corner and long on..both out of the sun and courageously attempted.  Carroll, bowled in a manner befitting the most senior player, with guile and determination, finding a perfect length after his first ball loosener went for a maximum. W Thomson and Godfrey-Faussett kept their ends well, but without the breakthrough wicket the game slipped to a inevitable, but tantalising conclusion.  With MacDonald, 74, bowled by Purvis and only 31 runs required to win, Manderston had the luxury of wickets in hand and 10 overs to play.  The next over saw the dismissal of the heavy and big hitting Lindsay caught behind, with only 4 added to the total, a glimmer of hope, now keeping Culham off strike was the task in hand.  Keeping Culham off strike was a task beyond the now weary Borderers and at the end of the 35th over the scores were tied on 193. Everyone in, W Thomson bowling, 2 dots followed by a wicket, dot ball, wicket, wicket...over called, triple wicket maiden.  Manderston 193 for 7, Culham, a centurion, on strike. Godfrey-Faussett, first ball of the over just back of a length, encourages Culham to pull to square leg, straight at Strouts, incredible cricket if the catch had been taken, but to have had a hand on the ball was an achievement in itself, the single taken the game was up.

 Manderston won by 3 wickets in the 36th over. 

 A great game, graciously hosted, with a BBQ for friends and family at the conclusion.

 J Sayer b 0

H Strouts ct 12

I Purvis ct 18

S Marshall ct 59

W Thomson ct 17

R McLean ct 29

F Godfrey-Faussett 28 Not Out

J De Bolle 7 Not Out

A Carroll 

M Taylor 

R Thomson

 Total 193 for 6 from 40 overs

 S Marshall 8 overs, 0 mdns, 2-28

I Purvis            7 overs, 0 mdns, 2-28

W Thomson     7 overs, 0 mdns, 3-43 

J De Bolle 6 overs, 0 mdns, 0-31 

A Carroll 5 overs, 0 mdns, 0-42

F Godfrey-Faussett 4.1 overs, 0 mdns, 0-21

 Only 3 extras