Manderston 2014 (20/20)

Thursday 24th July 2014
Club song for the evening "Wake me up before you go go"
The Borderers won the toss and took to the field on a balmy evening, Manderston offering a dry and firm wicket, with the going good to firm in the outfield.
The Borderers, fielding a team more on the experienced than youthful side were bolstered with the formidable statures of Tyser and Carroll.  The bowling was opened by Miller and O Farr.  Farr striking in his first over, MIller his second. Both can be aggrieved at not having added to their wicket tallies as good chances were missed through slip and gully.  They dismissed the host's 3 big hitters for 6 fact the five batsmen they dismissed scored a collective total of  9.  Carroll and Cuddigan both took a wicket each.  Manderston's Sim brothers Ian and Alec managed to accumulate a relatively easy 90 runs setting a target of 138 for the Borderers.  
The chase started well with Farrs Jamie and George negotiating the opening pair with ease, Jamie however fell caught and bowled at the first change.  Jack Cuddigan continued with the right intent and a promising partnership was halted prematurely with the clean bowling of George Farr by the hosts' captain. David Fuller-Shapcott joined the fray with the game poised to go either way. The game went the other way.  The runs dried up and despite Max Adam's best efforts and a cameo from Peter Tyser the 20 overs passed with 38 runs still required.
A post match examination of the umpiring initially declared that 5 short overs were called, creating much discussion.  Upon closer inspection during a post, post match examination, during another Borderers match, the same scorer was identified as virtually incompetent and the original claims of numerical incontinence were rescinded.
J Farr, G Farr, J Cuddigan, D Fuller-Shapcott, M Adam, P Tyser, A Wolfe-Murray (wk), A Carroll, O Farr, Richard Thomson, D Miller, Julian Blake.
D Miller 4 overs, 0 mdn, 16 for 3
O Farr 3 overs, 0 mdn, 20  for 2
M Adam 3 overs, 0 mdn, 28  for 0
A Carroll 3 overs, 0 mdn, 22  for 1
J Cuddigan 3 overs, 0 mdn, 19 for 1
J Blake 3 overs, 0 mdn, 20 for 0
R Thomson 1 overs, 0 mdn, 6 for 0
J Farr ct 8
G Farr b 23
J Cuddigan ct 11
D Fuller-Shapcott n/o 17
M Adam ct 15
P Tyser n/o 9