Kelso 2016

Sun 29th May 2016 -  Song for the day "The Campbells are comin Oho, Oho!" 

Henry Strouts, Campbell Fraser, Jamie Farr, Ollie Farr, Fergus Godfrey-Faucett, Theo Penn, Hudson Proudman (w), Jonty Fraser, Will Thomson, Richard Thomson (c), Max Rennick,

As the sun began to break through in the early afternoon, the wicket presented at the toss looked perfectly prepared for batting. The plan - win the toss, bat first, steady and deep (allowing slightly jaded teenagers to catch some zzzz's in the now warming sunshine) and with a bit of luck post a score difficult to chase down.  And so to plan B: lose the toss and field.  

 Ollie Farr opened, supported by Theo Penn. The finest opening 6 overs from a Borderers XI witnessed in many a year.  Ollie - fast, accurate, controlled and menacing;  Theo - fast, accurate, controlled, no menace but equally difficult to play. Both were aided by a superb keeping performance from Hudson Proudman.

 6 overs in, 7 runs on the board (3 wides generously given), 2 wickets - a change of bowling was required to ensure we had a game!  Fergus  G-F and Jonty Fraser took over, both offering the batsmen difficulty - FG-F especially accurate finishing on 7 overs, 7 runs, 2 maidens, 2 wickets - impressive stuff.  The pressure was maintained by Henry Strouts fielding at short extra cover, excelling throughout the innings, nothing getting through.  And so it continued, one Kelso overseas recruit the only real resistance, aided by the bowling changes, but obviously a talented cricketer, posted a score of 84, initially retiring on 77, returning a few overs later to be expertly stumped on the last bowl of the innings, Hudson Proudman standing up to Ollie Farr.  Kelso all out for 134

 Refreshed, rested and recharged following tea, H Strouts and C Fraser opened against some accurate but fruitless medium and slow medium pace.  The scoreboard ticked over nicely, 3-4 an over, Henry edged behind in the 7th and Jamie Farr joined the now flashing Campbell at the crease. There followed a lusty partnership of 63 runs, it should have been 80 had Campbell possessed the lungs and legs of, well, someone else. Campbell batted superbly and thwarted the ever frustrated Kelso attack using the entire surface his bat. This wasn't just luck but a combination of a good eye and a hearty appetite to take chances when offered.  Jamie Farr, bristling with purpose, brought an urgency and no short measure of accuracy to the partnership - charging the spinner to drive him for 4 over his head, and then charging the other import, another Aussie, this one a "quick", for a flat batted, once bounce four to midwicket. Marvellous stuff. Campbell's knock confounded the bowlers and enraged the fielding side's comedic chunterer, Jamie's precision silenced him (other than the odd appeal for LBW from wide long leg). By the time Jamie surrendered his wicket we required 51 from 17 overs.  A little stutter with two tight run outs for Theo Penn and Fergus G-F delayed the run chase for an over or two but Ollie Farr and Hudson Proudman dealt with the now over-bowled attack.  They reached the required 135 with 5 overs and 5 wickets in hand...a splendid performance.

 Footnote..Campbell fielded as if 16 years old...not in athletic prowess, his feet do most of the ball stopping, but by consulting his phone on a regular basis.

 O Farr 5 overs, 2 maidens, 2-11

T Pen 5 overs, 0 maidens, 2-26 

M Renwick 4 overs, 0 maidens, 0-26 

J Farr 4 overs, 0 maidens, 0-15

F GF 7 overs, 2 maidens, 2-7

W Thomson 4 overs, 0 maidens, 0-24

R Thomson 2 overs, 2 maidens, 0-0

J Fraser 4 overs, 0 maidens, 0-15


Henry Strouts, b 2

Campbell Fraser, b 40 

Jamie Farr, ct 40

Ollie Farr, not out 23

Fergus Godfrey-Faucett, run-out 3

Theo Penn, run-out 0

Hudson Proudman, not out 23


The Great Argyll he goes before,

He makes the cannons and guns to roar,

With sound o'trumpet, pipe and drum,

The Campbells are coming, Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro!