Durham Farmers 2015

Borderers won the toss and put the Farmers in to bat expecting the wicket to dry out a bit for a 30 overs game, played at Mowden Hall School.
Farmers Innings:
T Blair  ct Ritchie bowled P Irving 8
T David ct P Westall bowled J Farr 12
A Chilcott ct R Thomson bowled P Irving  17
J Luckin bowled R Sale  21
N Forbes ct A Pearse bowled R Sale  0
H Johnson bowled G Farr 10
A Dickinson stumped Pearse bowled R Thomson 21
J Dickinson bowled G Farr 4
N Howe Not Out  32
W Paxton (not sure how he was out or who got him out)  16
N Darling  Not Out 0
Extras   10
Total   141
Borderers Innings:
P Jeffries bowled T Blair  17
A Pearse ct ? bowled N Howe  9
R Sale bowled N Howe 5
J Farr bowled A Chilcott  28
T Sale bowled A Chilcott  11
G Farr lbw  T Blair  2
P Irving ct ? bowled J Dickinson 8
P Westall lbw T David 8
R Thomson ct ? bowled T David 1
A Tiffin bowled T David 0
J Ritchie Not Out 0
Extras  8
Total  89 all out.