Aysgarth 2016

The Borderers posted a decent total of 192 from 40 overs, with three batsmen having retired on 40 not out. Aysgarth started shakily, losing their top order early on to some delightful opening bowling from Ed Johnson and Rob Steel. Thankfully for Aysgarth, the Borderers wished to make a full game of the day and made a series of sympathetic bowling changes, to which Aysgarth’s middle order responded well, with a 40 not out from their local hero gap year student from South Africa. 

Aysgarth got within a run of the total but were all out for 191, which made for an exciting finish just as, with the skies having been dry all day, the heavens opened up with an enormous rainstorm. If the Borderers hadn’t finished off the game, the gods would have!
Borderers Innings How out Bowler Total
T Scott Retired   42
C Curnow Retired   47
P Irving Caught Eddleston 15
W Bonas Caught Eddleston 20
R Colesky Retired   41
T Sillars Bowled Macdonald 7
R Collins LBW Sizer 4
J Ritchie Bowled   1
R Steel Bowled   0
E Johnson Bowled Sizer 0
G Ryan Not Out   1
Extras     7
    Total 192
Aysgarth Innings How out Bowler Total
MacDonald Caught R Collins R Steel 4
B Fudali     11
Read Caught R Collins R Steel 1
M Stroyan Bowled   4
Eddleston     4
Sizer     23
J Scott Caught G Ryan J Ritchie 25
Sweetloaf Bowled C Curnow 45
R Morse LBW J Ritchie 18
Irwin Bowled C Curnow 3
P Barlow Not Out   36
Extras     11
    Total 191
Bowler Overs Runs Wkts
R Steel 6 12 3
E Johnson 6 12 1
R Collins 5 15 0
T Scott 5 20 1
P Irving 5 51 1
J Ritchie 5 33 2
R Colesky 4 39 0
C Curnow 3.1 13 2