Aysgarth 2015

30 over game. Borderers win by 4 runs.
Borderers 133 for 8
Aysgarth 129 for 7
The Borderers elected to bat and got off to a fast start with James Davidson hitting three boundaries in the first over, followed by several more, before being caught. The middle order of the Borderers then underperformed, leaving Aysgarth old boy and Borderers newcomer Bertie Turner (aged 14) to hold on to the innings at number 7. He managed a very respectable 26 and steadied the ship. However, the total of 133 never looked like being enough. Aysgarth had bowled tidily and fielded well, holding on to some spectacular catches.
Aysgarth too got off to a shaky start, with none of their top order getting comfortable with the Borderers openers Rob Steel and Ed Johnson, despite Somerled Macdonald making a promising start. The Headmaster had been looking relaxed at the start, laid down pitch-side on the ground, for his farewell Borderers game. However, at 46 for 4, he and others in the Pavilion were on their feet and nervously looking for pads. A brief flurry in the mid order improved Aysgarth’s outlook somewhat, but the Borderers continued to bowl fierily through Aaron Tiffen and Ali Raza, followed by very tightly, with Hamish Kennett and James D’Arcy pinning down the scoring to just a few an over. 
The late stage of the game was tense, with Aysgarth needing 12 off the last two overs. Bertie Turner saw out the bowling with immense style and composure for a 14 year old, sending down a good line and length. He had the pleasure of getting his previous Headmaster out as well, as Anthony Goddard searched for the short “Valley” boundary and was caught. That meant new batsman, Paul Barlow, required 6 off the last ball which was asking too much. Although low-scoring, it made for a very exciting game.